guard dog signs

A happy trio of guard dogs found out just how effective Ryndustries signs can be. They even sent this photo to prove it!

Thanks, Thunder Boerboels!

While human intervention was required to order these two custom signs that now grace the Thunder Boerboel Florida property, the dogs kept hounding their owners until the order was complete. The pups began enjoying the signs’ benefits immediately. They no longer have to:

  • Chase errant trespassers
  • Have their naps disturbed by badly timed deliveries
  • Put up with those tenacious solicitors peddling everything from magazine subscriptions to home security devices

Home security devices are definitely something the Thunder Boerboel company does not need, as its claim to fame is breeding top-notch dogs that are as protective as they are personable (as long as you’re not a solicitor, of course).

The Boerboel breed, also called South African mastiffs, are big, lovable dogs best known for protection, not aggression. They are easy to train, eager to please and more powerful than Altoids on an empty stomach.

And yes, they make one heck of a guard dog.

guard dogs CU

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