Even if you work from home, shop at supermarkets in the dead of night, and only go outside after making sure no one else is around for miles, sooner or later you’re going to run across a jerk. Instead of running for cover, you can stand your ground confidently if you use a handy dandy tool called Mental Floss.

Mental Floss is one of 12 tools found in the Little Book of Big Jerks: Fast, Fun Illustrated Guide for Dealing with Difficult People. This post is an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

What is Mental Floss?

Similar to dental floss but for the brain, mental floss cleans out built-up crud that’s been deposited by difficult people over time. Leave the crud to fester, and your mind’s deep pockets and crevices are subject to decay – or worse.

You could find yourself behaving as negatively as Nellie, as woefully as William, or begging for favors as vehemently as Gina.

How it Works:

Imagine a long, thin piece of floss that you insert in one ear and out the other. Grasp one end of the strand in each hand, pulling it back and forth several times while it’s stretched taut through your skull. Make a swishing sound for added effectiveness.

Your mental floss can be waxed or unwaxed, any flavor you like. Dispose of floss promptly after use so your pets don’t accidentally get ahold of it and choke.

mental floss

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