Yoga rocks. But it can also be kind of slooowwww and oh so serious. As much as we want to embrace that slooowwww serious floowwww…we also want to laugh and have fun.

You can do all of the above with a few quick tips to enhance your yoga practice.

How to Jazz Up Your Yoga Fun

Go for unconventional music.

Forget the smooth, quiet la-la land tunes. Opt for something hard-hitting and memorable. Like Led Zeppelin, Portishead or the soundtrack from “Gangs of New York.”

Give Power Yoga a whirl.

Power yoga is fast, vigorous and, well, powerful. It also leaves your heart beating like a Zumba class. OK, it’s not THAT fast and vigorous. But if you’re the type that can’t sit still, you’re going to love the pace.

Try yoga naked. In the backyard. In the rain.

Never gave this one a shot, but it sure sounds like it could jazz things up. Either that or your foot could slip and cause some very serious non-protected damage. On second thought, take this one off the yoga fun list – or at least take the rain part out of it.

BONUS: Naked yoga seems to be viewed as taboo in certain circles, a big plus to fuel the rebel in you. I remember once trying to do a feature story on naked yoga when I worked for a newspaper. Every yoga studio I called hung up on me.

Get my ‘Bony Yoga’ book.

Now in its third edition (with a fresh layout and color), “Bony Yoga is a real-life yoga guide with skeletons depicting the poses – and descriptions guaranteed to make you giggle (or even guffaw). Definitely a must for high levels of laughter and yoga fun. Click here to learn more.

Here comes a sneak peek at a few of the poses in the book:

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