Dini is old

Dini looks sad

she trembles when

she sits and shakes

when she stands her back legs

don’t always obey – I’ve had

to prop her up more

than once, watch her

scurry before





But she eats

all her treats and

some of her food she won’t

come inside but still

does her poo and once


in a while we still see a

slight twitch in a tail that

used to wag and wag.


I hate playing

God in situations like

this do we

send her to

heaven or let

her hang on?


How kind if she

died in her

sleep – with that sweet

Dini smile on her face – to save

me the fateful decision – to save

all the wondering and guessing – once you

give the vet the go, there’s no turning


back Oh Dini, my

sweet Phoebladini.

Please tell me what you want me

to do –


let you hang on to squeeze the last

pleasures out of life – or has life

already squeezed

the last pleasures out of you?


dini dog tongue

Phoebe “Dini” Gargulinski in her younger days.