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More than three decades of projects, products, awards and creativity at your service.

Good art makes you look. Great art makes you think. Exceptional art makes you feel.

Ryn Art does all of the above.

What kind of art do you need today?

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art licensing ryn gargulinski dog surface pattern design
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art licensing ryn gargulinski dragonfly
portfolio art licensing ryn gargulinski fish pattern
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Amazing clients. Amazing customers. amazing results


We love having Ryn as a partner in our business, and value her contributions so much!

-D. Grattan, Voice Over Artist

One word. Make it two.

YASSSS. It’s perfect, thank you. 

-Hunter, Art Buyer


Ryn is one of the most talented writers and artists I know.

-C. Spillar, Artist

Fast + Fabulous

Super fast work and delivery. Artist was very open to the personalization I requested. I could not be happier with this outcome. We will be doing business again.

-Teri, Art Buyer


WOW! We ordered 3 custom signs for my animal hospital waiting room including a rabbit that Ryn created for us. We sent pictures of our art, color requests and measurements. Ryn hit a home run and I couldn’t be happier! I cant wait until the clients return to our waiting room after this covid crisis ends. Thank you for a happy spot in our stressful time.

-Bonnie, Veterinarian


Ryn has an eye for the unique. She is always able to find those interesting gems of stories that other writers often overlook. Her writing is witty, entertaining and yet still always informative. I love to read her work.

(ARTIST NOTE: Her art is equally as captivating!)

-J.Hensel, Executive Director of Communications U. of Mich.

Outside the box

Ryn is so easy to work with and an out-of-the-box artist. It has been a pleasure, and she delivers quickly.

-Katherine, Art Buyer

Expect the best

This is not our first order so we knew we could expect the best ~ with appropriate measure or artistic expression. Special order details were quickly exchanged and the turn around time almost non-existent.

-Page, Art Buyer


Delightful to work with. Excellent customer service. Came quickly. LOVE THE WORK

-Jan, Art Buyer

Pattern       Illustration        Seasonal       Greetings       Inspirational    

If I don’t create, I die. Or at least get a Headache.

Freelance Surface Design + Art Licensing

I was born a creative force – and it hasn’t let up yet. My artwork has appeared everywhere from mural walls in New York City to poetry journals in India, from greeting cards to the sides of barns and horse stalls. 

After meditating, getting my morning dose of nature and filling myself with love, I spend my days creating things that make people stop, think… and smile.  

As a hands-on artist, my favorite tool is a Sharpie marker and heavyweight paper, followed closely by metal and spray paint. Not to be confined, the whole world is my studio. I create most of my artwork outside. My designs are hand-drawn, hand-cut, hand-painted and channeled directly from my heart and soul. 

In addition to my work as a freelance artist, I’m also an award-winning writer, coach and speaker, with a slew of illustrated books designed to delight. 

Delight is likewise the goal for the artwork I license for surface designs and create on consignment for projects, custom requests and front porches. 

Feel free to browse my online art licensing portfolio to select what calls to you. Contact me for additional samples, pricing and custom designs.

What Kind of Art do You Need today?

Pattern       Illustration        Seasonal       Greetings       Inspirational    

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Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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