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After a long, proud and loud life, Phoebe “Dini” Gargulinski passed away quietly on Nov. 24, 2015. She was 14 years old in dog years, which would make her about 98.

Although she did become quite crotchety in her old age, Dini had a long history of being a sweetheart who excelled at the art of “wiggle worming, ” a practice where her entire battering-ram-shaped body wiggled back and forth when she wagged her tail with glee.

Dini’s glee and gratitude was freely given, perhaps as a thank you for being rescued from a shelter where she had been left not once, but twice. Former owners listed Dini’s desire to eat cats as the reason for giving her up, yet no one had mentioned the incessant barking.

Her adoption had come with a discount pass for obedience classes, however, a clue that may have tipped off savvier dog parents-to-be. It didn’t matter in our case, as Dini was chosen to join the family by existing dog Sawyer.

Sawyer was offered four different dogs from the Southern Arizona Humane Society to become his sibling. While he promptly ignored two and growled at one, Sawyer immediately took to Dini. Their first meeting involved her jumping back and forth over Sawyer’s back like a Ninja, a move that cemented their mutual adoration forever – or at least certainly proved she could hold her own.

The partnership worked especially well since Dini was well-versed at the art of playing second fiddle. She was fine not being the center of attention and rather preferred to often go ambling off on her own in her own little world. Another favorite activity was lying in the middle of the yard to bake in the searing Arizona sun.

Her bow-legged ambling netted her the nickname of John Wayne, while other antics brought on monikers that included Sun-Dini, Rocco DeBarge, Monster Puppy and Phoebladine the Barking Machine. Well known for barking at the clouds, the wind or absolutely nothing, her top barking honors by far were earned at San Diego’s Dog Beach.

“Beach Master” Dini would bark so long and loud that her owners once moved their blanket away from all the noise. Every passer-by who was subsequently barked at by Dini would stop, look around, scratch their heads and loudly ask “Whose dog is this?!”

Dini is survived by mom Ryn Gargulinski, dad Bob Adcock, brothers Elmo and Reggie “Gigi” Gargulinski. Elmo and Dini bonded keenly, yet Dini viewed puppy Reggie as the ultimate pain in the rear. Dini’s memory will live on forever, especially since she passed on her fondness for barking to her dear brother Elmo.

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