FastTrack Airport Parking aka
Parking Company Of America
3622 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 267-8780

RE: Theft and Vehicle Damage after Using Your E. Washington St. Phoenix Facility

Dear FastTrack Parking Facility:

I am disappointed, disturbed and incredibly disgusted by the service received from your airport parking facility in Phoenix. I had parked my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix at your FastTrack lot, at 3622 E. Washington Street, on Friday, Dec. 23, and removed my car Monday, Dec. 26.

Although I had made an online reservation in advance, complete with a confirmation emailed to me, I was advised upon arrival there were no open parking spaces and my car would have to be double-parked and I would have to leave my keys.

β€œAre you OK with that?” the attendant asked. Since I had enough time to make my flight but not enough time to hunt for another parking facility – which is why I made advance reservations, mind you – I had no choice but to acquiesce.

My decision proved detrimental since I later found $60 worth of damage and $30 worth of cash missing from my vehicle.

The discovery was made Jan. 2 when I finally had a moment to wash and clean out my vehicle after my trip.

The theft and damage I discovered included the following:

  • Plastic bag containing $30 worth of quarters STOLEN from glove compartment
  • Cigarette butt in back seat ashtray, an ashtray that was never used since car was purchased in 1999
  • GIANT cigarette burn in back seat cover, faux fur grey leopard print @ $60
  • Disgusting stain on white area of faux fur grey leopard print seat covers in back seat, leading me to believe someone had messy sex and equally messy cigarette after sex.

The only passengers who ever use my back seat are my two dogs. They had given up smoking years ago and are either spayed or neutered. Therefore, the damage and cigarette butt were obviously left by humans while my car was parked at your facility.

I will admit it was stupid to leave $30 worth of quarters in my car. However, had I known my reservation was a farce and I was instead forced to leave my keys with your facility, I would have removed all valuables from my vehicle to deter sticky fingers.

Copies of this letter are being sent to the Better Business Bureau and posted on my blog in the hopes of deterring others from using your facility unless you clear up the matter in a timely and reasonable fashion.

Thanks for nothing but grief.


Ryn Gargulinski
Journalist, blogger and dissatisfied FastTrack customer

I have a photo of the cigarette burn, which almost looks as if someone purposely put out the cigarette on the seat cover. I can also supply a photo of my vehicle so the perpetrator can remember which car was targeted. The car is hard to miss, with black and white decals on a grey body.