How to Get Through Hell on Earth without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome


Having a bad day? Read this book. Not only will you be so grateful that you probably missed a lot of what happens in the story, but you’ll emerge with helpful tips for getting through anything. And we mean anything.


Rynski went from a scruffy drunken rebel without a house on the streets of New York City to an award-winning writer, artist and speaker thriving in Florida (who is only scruffy every other Thursday).

How to Get Through Hell on Earth tells you how it happened, along with some handy tips along the way. Come along for the ride, and you’ll discover:

  • How to get out of kissing a scrawny squatter without making him mad
  • What happens when you drink an entire bottle of gin in 52 seconds
  • Why it’s dangerous to date people who keep crossbows under their bed
  • Tips for attaining, maintain and falling in love with a life in recovery
  • How to create a personalized spiritual connection that gives you everything you need to thrive…and more!

This journey of recovery and self-discovery comes with real-life lessons and strategies for making magic in your own life.

Written in Ryn’s brutally honest, no-nonsense style, get ready to laugh, learn and perhaps pick up a lesson or two about transforming even the greatest hell into something that helps you grow and soar.

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