The Recovery Rock is the best gift for addiction (or at least one of the best gifts for addiction) because it is a tangible piece of strength and hope, a good white-knuckle device – and something you can always hurl at the wall or through a window if life gets to be too much.

But you don’t have to pick up that drug, drink, credit card or piece of cake.

How I make them:
Each Recovery Rock is carefully hand-selected from a dry, dusty Arizona riverbed and transformed into a kitschy, keen and altogether cool tchotchke – absolute proof of hope where it appeared there was none.

None of the rocks every figured they’d be saved from their dusty grave and transformed into a colorful momento that sits warmly in your living room (I asked).

Once collected, each rock is hand-painted with a funky face, delightful designs and blazoned with the words: “CAN DO” – because YOU CAN DO IT.

Each rock is approximately the size of an adult woman’s fist or a bit smaller. This is heavy enough to make an effective paperweight and light enough so it won’t cause all that much damage if you hurl it at the wall.

Six colors available to cover a rainbow of recovery from addictions: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Background color is beautifully blended using at least two hues with contrasting text and designs. Please specify color when ordering; if no color is specified, a random color will be selected based on my mood of the day or whichever paint is closest.

This best gift for addiction makes a great paperweight at home or work, a sweet addition to any coffee table or shelving unit and an inspiring chunk of décor for your night stand.

Wake up every morning with this strong and solid reminder of recovery from addiction – and how you can do it, too.

Custom orders always welcome! If you want a Recovery Rock with a mix of colors, noting a specific addiction or in a smaller pocket size or larger window-breaking size, email

Because each rock is originally handcrafted by nature and truly unique, you may not necessarily get a rock pictured in the photos. Photos provided to show general style, colors, size and funkiness.

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Makes a great stocking stuffer!