Heal Me

Feel the energy of the universe flow through you. And it won't even muss up your hair.

Reiki Online with Rynski: Reiki Online Sessions + Reiki Online Classes

Heal Me

What can Reiki Online with Rynski Do for me?

It’s better to feel it than to try to explain it.


Reiki is divine healing energy, channeled from the heavens into you. 

It restores your free-flow of energy. Releases pent-up stress, anxiety, emotions.

Reinvigorates your body, mind and soul.

Pain Relief

Stress + Anxiety release

Free Flow of Energy

'Ryn is a spiritual powerhouse.'

Reiki online for pain relief

Double TEndonitis, anyone? 

Didn’t think so. It sucks. And it’s actually what started my own personal journey with Reiki. My elbows in BOTH arms were KILLING ME. And none of the exercises, ergonomic adjustments, copper sleeves and healing salves were working.

But Reiki did.

After a few weeks of consistent self-Reiki sessions, the elbow pain was gone. Poof. Like magic. 

Yes, instead of scheduling a Reiki session, I dove in headfirst into a Reiki Level I training session to become a Reiki practitioner. That way I could serve up Reiki to myself and others as often as I wished. 

I then moved on through all three levels of Reiki training to become a Reiki Master/Teacher so I could initiate others into the wonderful world of Reiki. 

Reiki Online for Stress + Anxiety Release

One big Whoosh of Release 

Everything is made up of energy, including ourselves. When we’re happy, balanced and stress-free, life force energy flows through us in a revitalizing gush, constantly invigorating us.

But then the world gets ahold of us.

Our energy gets blocked and bogged down by:

  • Negative thoughts
  • Pent-up emotions
  • Unreleased pain
  • Not taking time to neutralize the daily grind

The next thing you know, we’re cranky, irritable and plagued with aches and agony. Instead of free-flowing energy, we have clogged-up pipes.

The truth is, we all need a bit of unclogging from time to time. And Reiki online with Rynski is one magnificent way to do it. 

Reiki Online for Free Flow of Energy

Happy Floaty, anyone? 

Thought so! It rocks. Happy floaty is one of my favorite ways to describe the effects of Reiki. But everyone experiences Reiki differently.

All I know is that no one EVER said they didn’t feel better after a Reiki online session than they did before.

We meet for 60 minutes on Zoom, from whatever room you desire. Some people like to sit up while others lie down. You don’t need to look at the screen the whole time, just when we first do the opening. 

Invite your family members, pets and pals into the room. Or experience it solo. Happy floaty is an equal-opportunity sensation. It’s ready for everyone. 

Reiki online Classes to Become a Reiki Practitioner

One-on-one training from Reiki Master/Teacher Ryn Gargulinski.

Reiki online course Level I

Become a Certified Reiki Practitioner

Reiki has three levels of initiation, or training.

  • Level I: Can give Reiki to self and others
  • Level II: Can give Reiki using basic Reiki symbols
  • Level III: Can give Reiki using advanced symbols; can initiate others into Reiki

What to expect from the Reiki online Level I course: 

  • Four-hour Zoom course
  • Reiki Level I manual download
  • Reiki Level I Certification in the Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing

Reiki Online Course Level II

become a Certified Distance Reiki Practitioner 

Moving from Level I to Level II Reiki practitioner gives you the basic Reiki symbols to use in your practice. This includes the distance Reiki symbol for sending Reiki across time and space. That’s right. You can send healing energy to the past to heal past trauma. And to the future to bless you and others moving forward. 

What to expect from the Reiki online Level II course: 

  • Four-hour Zoom course
  • Reiki Level II manual download
  • Learn basic Reiki symbols
  • Reiki Level II Certification in the Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing

Reiki online course Level III

Become a Certified Reiki Master / Teacher

Moving from a Level II Reiki practitioner to the Level III Reiki Master/Teacher role is the highest you can go. Here you learn advanced Reiki symbols, giving you the ability to teach Reiki and initiate others to become Level I, II or II Reiki practitioners.

What to expect from the Reiki online Level III course: 

  • Four-hour Zoom course
  • Reiki Level III manual download
  • Learn advanced Reiki symbols
  • Reiki Level III Certification in the Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing

Reiki Meditations with Rynski

On-demand meditations for on-demand magic

Recorded by Reiki Master Ryn Gargulinski

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Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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