Are there any spoiled pets in the house?
The answer from many is “You bet!” and these darling signs let the world know it.

A spoiled pet is a happy pet – as my two dogs could tell you! We have our own “Spoiled Dogs Live Here” wooden sign my mom (their grandma) bought us from a craft fair in Michigan.

I have since used the idea to create a metal version that works in your home, office, yard – or wherever your pets like to sleep, eat or tread.

The Spoiled Cats Live Here example was created for a dear friend with three of her own very sweet and pampered kitties. That particular sign is already taken, but I can make one the same color, size and design or go for a totally different shape and pet.

How about Spoiled Dogs on a bone-shaped sign?
Or Spoiled Rabbits on a carrot-shaped sign?
Or Spoiled Chinchillas on a heart?

The world is yours when it comes to Ryndustries signs. We dig custom orders!

Spoiled pet sign specs.

Pet signs are made out of sheet metal with filed edges for safety and wire loop for easy hanging. Weather-resistant paint and clear coat seal the deal.

Prices depend on size:

  • $39 for spoiled pet sign approx. 16 by 8 inches
  • $33 for spoiled pet sign approx. 14 by 6 inches
  • $27 for spoiled pet sign approx. 12 by 5 inches

Please indicate sign shape, color and text when ordering. Email with any questions or your info.

Get one now! Heck, get three now!

Order this beauties on Etsy.