The Boy with Moldy Cheese Pizza Under his Bed: by Ryn Gargulinski

Remember when people got maimed, mangled or killed in fables instead of coddled and pampered and sent to live happily ever after? THE BOY WITH MOLDY CHEESE PIZZA UNDER HIS BED harkens back to those good ole days with a scary story that carries an incredible moral. It’s not a book you want to read to your kid right before bed — or perhaps ever. Enjoy. 

Why I Created It

I’ve always been a huge fan of Aesop and fables that come with a hard-hitting moral, not those that come dressed-up with frogs that get kissed into princes. Two folks get credit for inspiring this book:

  • Real-life high school classmate, who shall remain nameless, who did, indeed have moldy cheese pizza under his bed.
  • Tucson poet and writer Andrew Ulanowski, named in the book’s dedication. He encouraged me to write down the tale and this moldy cheese pizza book was born.

3 Reasons You Want It

  • Beats out the present day’s cleaned-up fairy tales (excuse the pun) where everyone lives happily ever after
  • Doesn’t contain any impossibly thin or beautiful princesses that sit around whining their lives are so awful
  • Sneaky way to get kids to clean their rooms 

Mentions and Kudos

  • An Amazon reviewer of the first edition evidently got really pissed off, started spurting about Satan and then gave it one star. That alone should pump up curiosity – hahaha.
  • Tucson’s KVOA TV station gave THE BOY WITH MOLDY CHEESE PIZZA UNDER HIS BED a nod, even including the word “grim” in the headline (Thanks, KVOA!)

Where to Get It

The second edition has a green cover and professional binding, different from the first edition’s white cover and staples. You’ll also notice a slight shortening of the title’s wording from The Boy Who Had Moldy Cheese Pizza Under His Bed to The Boy with Moldy Cheese Pizza under His Bed.

Online and nationwide:

In Tucson: