One feature that’s in every single home has the power to totally transform the entire look, feel and vibe of a room. It can make a bold statement. Create a cozy haven. Provide a sense of continuity. And serve as a place to display wall art for which you ran out of space on the wall.

The magical feature is the ceiling. And the top home décor mistake most people make is totally ignoring it. Many leave their ceilings unpainted, stuck in the same chintzy bland color that typically comes with the house, which is about as thrilling as soggy white bread.

The result is a home that never truly looks or feels wholly complete – and a prime chuck of artistic real estate that’s going utterly to waste.

Quick Ceiling Painting Tips

Painting the ceiling is not as tough or annoying as it may seem. Just make sure you have a ladder tall enough to comfortably reach it, good balance so you don’t fall backward, and enough drop cloths beneath you to catch the blobs of paint that will inevitably plop to the floor.

Oh yeah, and never attempt to paint the area that’s directly over your head, especially while looking up at it. Unless, of course, you’re a really big fan of getting paint on your glasses or in your eye. Paint the ceiling areas in front of, behind and to the sides of you, frequently moving the ladder until you have the whole thing covered.

Thinking back, I may have discovered the ceiling painting habit on accident. I recall being too lazy to tape around the top wall edges and ended up getting paint on the ceiling. Instead of trying to remove the paint, I simply added more to cover it. Voila! – a lifelong custom had begun.

Painted Ceiling Photos

Check out some home décor shots of painted ceilings from my own home to get a feel for what painted ceilings can do for yours.

blue bedroom painted ceiling

blue bedroom painted ceiling

bathroom painted ceiling

bathroom painted ceiling

leopard print painted ceiling

living room leopard print painted ceiling