A flower arrangement can be so bland when compared to a vase full of sticks stuck with Lucky Voodoo Doll heads. These keen and crafty heads each sport a distinct personality which can be customized or randomized. Voodoo Doll Heads work great dangling from your ceiling or as a bookcase accent piece, although its original intent was to replace the original head off a Lucky Voodoo Doll that was decapitated by a feline.

Why you need it:
Because your cat ate the original head off your Lucky Voodoo Doll, of course. Either that or you simply like to laugh.

How I made it:
The joy of Crayola’s Model Magic comes into play with my Lucky Voodoo Doll heads. Just don’t let it sit around exposed to air for more than about two seconds or it turns dry and cracky. Random beads, zippers, buttons, screws, wire shards, sequins, feathers and whatever else fits the mood and personality of the doll comes next, stuck on with the best tacky craft glue known to man.

Approx. 1.5 to 2.5 inches round, bigger than a golf ball but smaller than a bowling ball. Indentation in the bottom for sticking on sticks. Wire hanger can be attached upon request.


Custom orders always welcome! If you want a Voodoo Doll Head attached to a brand new Lucky Voodoo Doll, just send me the colors, gender and desired attitude and the doll is yours. Can also make bigger heads the size of holiday ornaments you can dangle around your Easter, Halloween or Christmas tree. Heads can also be customized for any occupation, style and occasion – my Lucky Voodoo Doll wedding couples are always a hit. To place a custom order or more info, e-mail ryngargulinski@hotmail.com

Custom items shipped out within seven business days of receiving order and payment. Usually sent much quicker, but you never know when I may be inundated with a sudden order for dozens of doll heads.

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