Walgreens Co.
Gregory D. Wasson, President and CEO
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015

RE: Irate Customer Complaint on Your Prescription Mail Service

Dear Mr. Wasson:

Stephen King has nothing when it comes to the horror story that is your prescription mail service. I could easily write my own full-length novel on the ridiculous runarounds and disgusting delays I’ve experienced, but I’ll sum it up a few highlights. These include:

  • Being told I must update my health insurance information in-person at the store, only to have the store hijack and rip apart my prescription to 30-day installments instead of the original 90-day supply
  • Suddenly having the store stop my prescription refills after a single 30-day pickup, telling me I’m registered as a mail customer and must get my prescriptions through the mail
  • Being told by the mail service that it is unable to refill my prescription because my health insurance information is not updated (see first bullet point)
  • Mysteriously having no prescription refills according to the mail service due to the hijacking and cannibalization of my prescription at the store
  • Total lack of communication between your in-store pharmacy and your mail service
  • In-store staff directing customers to call the mail service with any issues, only to have the mail service reps direct customers back to the store for resolution

Are you keeping up with all this? These are just the most recent incidents surrounding Walgreens Mail Service, yet these alone may be enough to move my business elsewhere.

Please note that your cutesy little tagline of being “at the corner of Happy and Healthy” has not gone unnoticed. Perhaps if you shuttled fewer resources into creating cutesy little taglines and more into creating a prescription mail service that actually works you might be on to something.

In the interim, you may do well to change your tagline to reflect the truth, which is Walgreens being nowhere else but “at the corner of Anxiety and Frustration.”


Ryn Gargulinski
Ryndustries, LLC.
Writer, artist, performer

cc: Walgreens Mail Service, P.O. Box 7024, Deerfield, IL 60015

 Stephen King,c/o Philtrum Corp., 49 Florida Ave, Bangor, ME 04401