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What Makes Great Writing?

Great writing comes in many flavors, but it all shares a similar trait: It’s written from the soul. Learn how to create it with writing coach Ryn Gargulinski, award-winning writer and founder of Laughing Wolf Consulting with Rynski.

Unique brand voice


Fun with words

Rynski Writing Secrets

'Ryn's writing is more like a painting; it flows right down the page.'

Unique Brand Voice

Would They Still Know It’s You?

If you took your company name out of all your copy, would people still know it’s you? Too many brands all sound the same. Ugh. Fix it with writing coach Rynski. 

Fun with Words

1 Million Toys

With 1,025,109.8  million words in the English language, there’s no shortage of toys. Having fun with words is a major differentiator between good writing and great writing. Let writing coach Rynski show you how.

Rynski Writing Secrets

Lessons from an Artist

You can master the craft of writing until your keyboard explodes (in a bad way). But your prose won’t truly shine until you’ve tapped into the magical art of writing. Get the secrets writing coach Rynski uses to make her own content explode (in a good way).

Writing Coach Session: What to Expect

One of the best ways to make the most of your writing coach session is to bring me a piece of writing you want to improve. 

We’ll spend one hour on Zoom together, starting with a review of your content. You’ll then get a slate of spot-on suggestions for the piece. And a batch of Rynski secrets, the same writing techniques I use to create content that gains attention and gets results.

While a lot of my writing coaching focuses on content marketing, I’ve also helped with screenplays, songs, poetry and books. Feel free to bring any type of writing my way.

Writing Coach Rynski

Great writing sends tingles down the spine. Let’s create it!

Start from Scratch

Craft a compelling story with whatever you write.

Best if you have:

  • New project
  • Project outline
  • No idea where to begin

Writing Review

Review and perk up your writing.

Best if you have:

  • Boring content
  • Inconsistent style
  • Steady stream of unread blogs 

Find Your Voice

Great writers (and brands) have a distinct voice.

Best if you have:

  • Unremarkable content
  • Inconsistent style
  • Writing that sounds like everyone else



Bring me your woeful copy. 

We’ll brainstorm ways to make it pop. 

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