Taking photos of Tucson’s annual All Souls Procession is like owning dogs or eating salted peanuts – you certainly can’t stop at just one.

Don’t fret, as I shan’t post all 195 photos I snapped of the event, but I will give you my top 40 as the phrase has a ring to it.

Yes, I’m a photo junkie. But it’s much healthier than heroin.

Enjoy. My beau and I certainly did. Now I have Monday off to recover from the festivities and staying up late to post these photos.


The procession kicked off at Epic Cafe, at Fourth Avenue and University Place, and culminated at the Franklin Street docks.

I ended up with only one photo of the Tucson Citizen newspaper gang, as I was too busy waving to all those Citizen folks I dearly miss – and getting a big hug from a dapperly yet deathly dressed Renee Schafer-Horton. She makes a cute corpse. Good job on the tribute, guys. I miss your laughter.



a cute corpse hugged

me on Sunday night as I

drank in the All Souls

Procession she left white

makeup on my chin and –

it was quite an honor to

connect with the souls of the

dead – who thrive on the

other side – where we’re

stripped down of flesh

blood and limb and –

left with what



-Ryn Gargulinski.11.2009


So, were you among the thousands who enjoyed the Sunday evening procession?

What was your favorite costume/outfit/puppet/sight?

Did you see the three legged dog?

What death would you or did you honor in the procession?