We’ve all know folks who exaggerate a bit, perhaps say they run a business when all they really do is run the business’s trash out the Dumpster.

But one Arizona guy went above and beyond simple exaggeration and claimed to be a highly decorated U.S. Marine.

John William Rodriguez, 31, didn’t save his faux boasting for dates or personal chats, either, but made it widely known to the masses.

This Scottsdale guy was even introduced at large functions as a decorated veteran.

That’s also how he got busted.

An authentic former Marine thought Rodriguez’s uniform looked a little less than authentic. He also found it odd that a 31-year-old would be donning the Navy Cross.

Once the Arizona Department of Public Safety started investigating they learned Rodriguez had been introduced as a decorated veteran at several functions. He also listed serving in the military on his driver’s license.

Arizona Department of Public Safety arrests suspected military impersonator, news release

John William Rodriquez, 31, of Scottsdale was booked into the Maricopa County Jail on 13 felony fraud schemes stemming from his impersonation of a highly decorated Marine. The arrest culminates a lengthy investigation which uncovered evidence that Rodriquez had been portraying himself as a U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant or Warrant Officer for at least a year.

Rodriquez faces possible federal charges in addition to his arrest for ARS Title 13 Felony Fraud Schemes.

Wow. That’s some heavy charges for pretending to be a Marine. Guess no one gets away with nabbing a military title if they haven’t been through boot camp.

Poor guy. I say “poor” because you have to be suffering from very low self-esteem to blow yourself up into a decorated veteran.

Not sure what the penalty will be, but maybe he should really be sent to boot camp. Either that, or shine the shoes of all the authentic decorated veterans out there.

Did you ever get busted pretending to be someone or something you are not?
Did it result in felony fraud charges?