Believe it or not, this little cutie is a hot seller, right after the Beware of Dog signs. We think it’s because no cat owner should be without such a useful sign.

Nothing is worse than stepping in cat puke in the middle of the night – or any time, for that matter. Well, maybe sticking a fork in your eye is worse, but there’s no reason for either one.

Now people will be on guard when they visit any cat owner’s home, especially if the folks are barefoot.

This particular kitty, named Rhoda, is ravishing with her somewhat putrid green and sweet pink accented lips.

Indoor or outdoor use, fully weatherproof. Approx. 10 inches side x 8 inches high. Wire loop for easy hanging. Filed edges for safety’s sake.

Puking cat goes for $33, plus $9 shipping and handling in U.S.

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