Skunks, skinks, skanks – you name it. Whatever you want to avoid and want to warn others to avoid can be colorfully displayed on a durable, weatherproof, fully personalized BEWARE OF sign.

Jazz up your yard or home with a custom sign touting your very own warning.

This particular fellow, a happy dog cautioning folks to “Beware of Trees” was a custom order for a woman’s sister who has two golden retrievers named Willow and Timber. I adored this creative order. He’s not for sale, as he’s already in his new home, but he’s serving as an example.

All animals or other characters, colors and expressions welcome. Faces range from the happy tree dog, complete with his tongue hanging out of his smile, to the ominous, angry expressions with big, sharp teeth. Sheepish is always a comical expression.

Other bewares have included Beware of Demons, Beware of Bugs and Beware of Things that Bite. Top sellers are always Beware of Dog and, for some strange reason, the humorous Beware of Puking Cat.

Mix it up a bit with a Beware of Puking Dogs or Beware of Dog Doo.

The world – and sign shape and text – is yours for the taking.

Prices depend in sizes, with the pictured Beware of Trees approx. 18 wide x 14 high for $45.

A sign sized approximately 16 wide x 12 high is $40 and a sign sized 14 wide x 10 high is $35.

Go even larger for more impact.

Custom signs shipped one week after order confirmation.

All signs completely weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use. Filed edges for safety, wire loop for easy hanging.

Please e-mail for more information or to add further details to your order.

Name the shape and message: