Thinking of buying a new car?

Free cat comes with new car purchase Oct. 9 from Jim Click /Photo illustration Ryn Gargulinski

Don’t delay – the best deal to wheel its way to Tucson is going down Saturday, Oct. 9, with the pairing of Jim Click and the Hermitage Cat Shelter.

Buy a car, get a free cat.

That’s right, head on down to Jim Click KIA at Auto Mall and you can drive away with a fine car and a fine feline.

The Hermitage will be on hand with cats and Jim Click will pay the cat’s adoption fee for anyone buying a car that day.

Never mind zero percent financing or other savvy savings that often come with new vehicles, Jim Click KIA is offering a bargain that’s the cat meow, the cat’s pajamas – and much better than anything the cat drags in.

This has to be one of the most creative bargains we’ve seen yet.

Kudos to both Jim Click and Hermitage Cat Shelter for a deal that definitely stands out from the rest.

We also dig the fact that Jim Click’s Nick Scalpone will donate $250 to the Hermitage with the purchase of a KIA any day of the year.

Creative as it is, however, we’re wondering how effective it will be.

Perhaps die-hard cat lovers will, in fact, find a way to buy a car Oct. 9 just to get the free feline. But we also bet the marketing would be much more effective if it were the other way around – buy a cat, get a free car.

Now don’t take this wrong way. The Hermitage Cat Shelter is one of the finest organizations since the Cat Dancer cat toy. We support them as well as all other groups geared towards helping animals.

We also support new cars, if you can afford them. They at least have the capacity to drive more than 22 mph around Tucson streets, as other cars seem unable to do.

But the pairing of a free cat with a new car seems strange, at best, and hazardous, at worst.

The last time we tried to transport a cat in a vehicle, it panicked and peed all over the interior.

The family van reeked of cat urine every time it rained.

What: Buy a car, get a free cat
When: Sat, Oct. 9, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where: Jim Click KIA Auto Mall, 775 W. Wetmore Rd.
Why: Because desperate times call for creative measures.


What do you think?

Is that the deal of the century or what?

What other strange marketing and deals have you seen?

Will you be buying a Jim Click car on Saturday?