John McCluskey and his fiancée-cousin Casslyn Welch, on the lam since the devoted dame helped break McCluskey and two others out of an Arizona State Prison in Kingman July 30, were caught around 7 p.m. Thursday, according to a report in the Arizona Republic.

CAUGHT: John McCluskey

Despite dyed hair, guns and rumors that the couple committed suicide when they had not been spotted in weeks, Arizona’s own “Bonnie on Clyde” were nabbed by an eagle-eyed ranger at a campground in Apache County.

Three weeks on the lam may have made them a bit sloppy, as they returned to their home state of Arizona. They also lit a fire large enough for a forest ranger to spot. He thought the flames were unattended and went over to investigate.

The ranger, who is not being named despite his new hero status, found a Nissan Sentra parked in between trees, checked the license plate and found it had been stolen from a vehicle near Santa Rosa, N.M.

That just so happens to be the same general location where vacationing couple Gary and Linda Haas, from Oklahoma, were found slain in their charred camper.

CAUGHT: Casslyn Welch


Rather than go for dead hero status and corner the armed fugitives himself, the ranger alerted authorities. U.S. Marshals in Phoenix figured there was a good chance McCluskey and Welch just might be the couple in the car.

“The Apache County Sheriff’s Office sent a tactical-response team and arrested the couple with help from the state Department of Public Safety and members of the Forest Service,” the Republic said.

While the arrest was going down, Welch attempted to grab a gun she had at her waist, but deputies were quicker than she was.

McCluskey was nabbed outside the tent, which contained weapons.

In statements following his arrest, McCluskey said he would have used those weapons to fight off the law – and that he should have killed the ranger when he had a chance.

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