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  1. Morning Ryn! Somehow I was disappointed as a kid when I looked over the questionnaire our family got. It was pretty boring then too. I think the information that comesout of them is very interesting. I used to live in Mesa, AZ and thought FOR SURE that Mormonism would be the largest religious group in that city, I mean there’s a temple and all, right? BZZZT!
    WRONG? Jehovah’s Witness is the predominant religion in Mesa, AZ. Who knew? The Census DID, that’s who!
    I want to know the percentages of people who put the TP ‘over’ as opposed to ‘under’.

      • hiya andrew! and az,
        under for me, too!
        i HATE when it’s over – hahahhaha – that is an excellent question.
        and the over/under issue is not just about preference – it’s about being sanitary. when the TP is OVER, it picks up more germs. really.
        that is awesome the census helped clear up the mormon/jw issue for you. whew. i bet you slept better at night after that – hahah!
        seriously though, i do agree the info is invaluable, esp. when you’re reporting on something and you want to know population stats, etc. now all the stats will be fresh…for at least a decade.

        • oh dear, i’m definitely an ‘over’ guy and I’m not buying the ‘germ’ theory since the paper is equally exposed to germs either way and considering that our toilets shoot fecal matter and etc into the air EVERY TIME we flush . . . (pardon the pun) it’s a wash!

  2. HaHa! Very funny article! I did the same thing when I went to fill mine out. Got all settled in with a cup of coffee, ready to share with the world a glimpse of life in my house. Took me three minutes though…couple extra peeps  🙂

    As a person who has spent years doing genealogy for my Mom’s side of the family, the census’ have been extremely helpful and vital in the research.

    • thanks, azmouse!
      – and also funny you, too, did the coffee and settle down to fill it out – glad to hear at least you got to use some of those 52 lines for more people.
      wow on  your genealogy search. my uncle got into doing that for a while – i think he uncovered some famous polish novelist who is supposedly related to us. but that’s the last i heard.

      • You should find out about what your uncle uncovered, or if he continued! It may give you a new outlook on why you are you and do the things you do….I mean a famous novelist! Wouldn’t you love to read his work!??!
        Genealogy is allot of long hours and hard work, but the journey is a fascinating one. I have found many exciting relatives as well as some cool scoundrels. lol

          • One relative was a murderer who served time in Alcatraz.
            One, going way back, was sent to Australia with all the other criminals to parish in that God-forsaken land because he was a horse thief!! ha.

            One that I thought was interesting was a female relative who was arrested in the 1930’s for ‘lesbian debauchery’ and for being a ‘mental case’.  That was the terminology they used on the paperwork.

          • wow – all three sound like amazingly interesting folks. thanks for sharing info! makes a polish novelist look boring – hahahahah.
            the “lesbian debauchery” and “mental case” references at least show us times have changed for the better, even if they are not yet as accepting/open as they could still be.

          • Yes, I guess I was naive and never really gave it much thought until they put those two descriptions together and arrested someone for that. We have gotten a bit better, thank goodness!

            Hey, I’m sure you’d find all kinds of cool criminals in your background too! 🙂

  3. I share your pain. Gays also wished that they were counted as part of the population but have been unable to convince the Census Bureau of that yet – we’re going to try again for 2020.
    But I’m sure that those other important things should be counted too.

  4. Finally!!! My comments are finally working again! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately…but I’ve definitely been lurking about. (Soooo much has happened in the past week too!)

    Anyway! My fiance (yep!) and I got our census thingy a while back and he filled it out quite rapidly…and that was that! We didn’t even bust out with the coffee.

    OH…I’m an “over” person and I even get OCD about it and flip the TP if it’s “under” hahaha. 😛

    • yaaaaaay! you’re alive – and ENGAGED!!! congrats to you both – what a sweet, wonderful couple you make! and he even takes charge of the census without you having to lift a finger.
      i see a GRAND FUTURE of happiness in store!!!
      if you want, e-mail me proposal details so i can blog it on the dating game!!!! i’ll send some questions for both of you….
      i am disturbed by one thing, however – that you are an OVER person….hahahahahha

  5. Hey Rynski, the census is impotent…er important! 😉
    How the heck else would the feds be able to justify such a huge bureaucracy without knowing how many John Does are out there?
    What a joke. How about counting how many tax forms come into the IRS and eliminating the census? Seems they already know enough from their extensive database to make a census extraneous.

  6. Very disappointing, indeed.  I even left them a comment  right on it. So much money wasted for what? It will not help at all to know how many people are in a city or town if we do not know their income, education or hobbies.  The ad promised a lot, moving forward. This is a joke , the only thing they will know is the number of people living here and if they rent or own and ages.
    A waste a money and resources

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