Cloud cover/Ryn Gargulinski

Tucson’s cloudy dark skies of late can only mean one thing. The cloud spirits were pretty dang angry.

Cloud spirits, of course, help rule the world, at least according to some Native American beliefs.

As we might suspect, dark, foreboding clouds means the spirits are irate. When they get thoroughly disgusted, they will spew down rain to help purify the Earth and wash away our wrongs. I like to think of them puking.

Seems we’ve had quite a litany of wrongs lately.

The spirits get especially mad if you kill a spider, as superstition says killing a spider will make it rain.

When the cloud spirits are happy, they go play, leaving our skies as a clean, blue palette. If happy clouds do come frittering around, they are light and fluffy, like marshmallows or the stuffing that comes out of ripped-open dog toys.

Thin, wispy clouds mean the spirits are off to isolate, either bored or annoyed with our world. No, we can’t go join them.

Different cloud formations also send different messages to those that bother to gaze at and interpret them. If we pay attention, clouds can even tell us what streets to travel in Tucson, as chaotic cloud formations often mimic the chaos on the streets (see slide show photo 15).

If all this cloud spirit talk is too “woo woo” for you, you can always sit around and discuss the cloud’s Latin names, types, genesis, classification and the scientific reasoning behind the weather.

Just don’t kill a spider while you’re doing it.

Those scientifically inclined may also enjoy an Arizona Cloudscapes presentation that’s on the horizon.

What: Arizona Cloudscapes presentation by Glenn Minuth
When: 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, March 18
Where: Sierra Vista Campus of Cochise College Center for Lifelong Learning, 901 N. Colombo Ave
Register by March 11: Call 520-515-5492 or 800-966-7943 ext. 5492.
How much? $19

In the meantime, take a break and enjoy the cloud slide show. To help you visualize cloud formations, I’ve included eyeballs on the first pic. The rest are up to you. At the very least, clouds are art – and a soothing way to escape daily grind.

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What do you think?

Do you ever bother to gaze at the clouds?

Can cloud spirits direct and guide you?