Add a bright red splash of funky color and fun to your yard with this creepy crawly crab, made from an upcycled bathroom sink.

Lightweight metal sink is graced with cheery cherry red paint, two cut-out metal eyes, two sets of scampering metal legs and one big, fat claw made from an upcycled pair of tongs.

Weatherproof for indoor and outdoor use, additional features include small holes drilled in the basin so water can drain instead of collect and help mosquitoes breed and stench build up.

See? This crabby guy thinks of everything. Crabby metal sink measures approximately 24 inches wide by 20 inches long by 12 inches deep. Metal held in place by strategic bending and clamping, so he can be disassembled for easy transport – just in case you want to take it to your mother-in-law’s house or something.

SOLD!!! to a lucky woman in Georgia – thank you!

Much thanks to Deb’s neighbor Rose who generously donated the sink while wondering what the heck I’d end up doing with it.

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