Dismembered heads take on a whole new meaning when they’re jazzed up in a rainbow of colors and upcycled materials.

Meet the Lucky Mutant Heads, each one crafted with paint, glue and love in a striking design and hue.

These guys are great in dark corners, bedrooms or anywhere else you need a splash of creepiness and kookiness around the home.

Orange: Bright and cheery orange head features fantastic flower outlines, some equally cheery aqua skulls and a dash of passionate purple.

The retro orange Lucky Mutant Head gives a nod back the flower power and gaudy color combination so hip in the 1960s. Orange is noted for bringing enthusiasm, success and creativity.

Yellow: Bright  yellowish green Lucky Mutant Head is perfect for folks who dig bumble bees, safety vests and that bad clothing fad of the 1980s.

The blinding neon base coat contrasts finely with the black and red highlights, with a giant circular eye made out of some rubber thing I found in a ditch. The other eye is a sparkly red bauble.

While this guy may appear menacing, he’s really harmless and makes a great addition to your sunroom, breakfast nook or other area that needs a mad splash of color.

Green: Green mummy monsters are all the rage – somewhere, maybe. If not, be the first to start the trend with this gory and ghoulish mummy Lucky Mutant Head.

This creepy chap harks back to the kooky creatures in really bad 1930s’ horror flicks.

Even if he doesn’t bring you luck, this guy is wholly guaranteed to spook the heck out of anyone who catches a glimpse of the metallic sheen and under-layer of mummy bandages. Eyes fashioned from used sander Dremel attachments, mouth features jagged sheet metal teeth.

Blue: Fashioned after some type of alien, this gorgeous cobalt dismembered head features geometric patterns and creatures as well as striking blue marble eyes. Eyes glowingly reflect light for added effect.

Lucky Mutant Head in blue imbues depth, confidence, loyalty, wisdom and faith. It’s also the color of heaven.

Violet: The Purple People Eater Lucky Mutant Head features an ocean theme, complete with a big fuchsia fish he wears as a skull cap.

This guy has light blue marble eyes and makes the ultimate gift for fans of sea life or your favorite marine biologist.

Newsprint: Showcase a conversation piece full of the news of the day with this fine newsprint dismembered head. Inspired by headlines, ads and other printed matter from the funky Tucson Weekly newspaper, this collage on a head works great in offices, study areas or cozy breakfast nooks.

Newsprint lips round out the mouth while beady little red glass baubles serve as piercing eyes.

Gorgeous gift for college student, news hounds or your favorite editor or reporter.

Lucky mutant heads all begin as plain white Styrofoam heads I stumbled across in a bin at a local Tucson Savers.

Each heads measures approx. 11 inches high x 7 inches wide x 9 inches deep with 5-inch base.

Lucky Mutant Heads are not the only good luck charms in the shop. Check out RYNdustries Lucky Voodoo Dolls or Lucky Hairball. Custom orders also welcome. E-mail ryngargulinski@hotmail.com.