You never know what you’ll get when you pull over a stolen pickup.

You never know what you get when you make a traffic stop/Thinkstock

You might get a tearful explanation, meek compliance or, as the Arizona Department of Pubic Safety found out Oct. 26, you could end up with a whole lot more.

A DPS traffic stop on a stolen truck uncovered a pickup packed with seven suspected illegal aliens, one of whom assaulted an officer then stole a police vehicle to flee into the desert, according to a DPS news release.

DPS was on the lookout for a stolen Dodge pickup, which was spotted around noon by DPS’s State Vehicle Theft Task Force.

A DPS detective called on Highway Patrol to help with the traffic stop, which did not go all that smoothly from the get-go when the stolen pickup drove into an unmarked DPS vehicle.

One of the undocumented aliens immediately fled, five remained on the scene and the seventh, the Dodge pickup’s driver, tried his own brand of escape.

The truck’s driver emerged from the stolen Dodge pickup, assaulted a DPS officer, and then hopped into a DPS vehicle, a Chevy Tahoe clearly marked as a police unit.

The guy drove the Tahoe west towards Phoenix but didn’t quite make it to the big city. He abandoned the stolen vehicle in the desert about 30 miles south of Phoenix.

The guy was taken into custody “a short time later,” with help in the pursuit from the Gila River Police Department and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.

While the release offered no further gritty details, we’re betting against meek compliance.

The six suspected UDAs, which included the driver, were turned over to Border Patrol while the seventh remains at large.

Note: Yes, the PC term for those entering the country without following the proper procedures has become “undocumented aliens,” a very cumbersome term that will be used, for the time being at least, interchangeably with “illegal aliens.”


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