Stand clear of the closing doors: excerpt from Ryn’s thesis on the occupational folklore of New York City subway workers
coney island Studies of occupational lore vary widely, their subjects ranging from factory workers, librarians, college professors, and hospital workers to window washers and lawyers.
Giacometti’s conundrum – art review
giacometti dog There is definitely a series of conundrum going on in the works of Alberto Giacometti – and that’s not even counting his name. This artist, with a seemingly Italian moniker, actually hails from Switzerland.
Cruel Poetry – book review
Alligators eat severed body parts. The sex—and roaches— are heavy and constant. The air is brutal; the blood is bad. The heroine is a prostitute..
The Extraordinary Times of Ordinary People – book review
star I shall apologize in advance for doing two things I was taught never to do. First I judged a book by its cover, namely Mark Carp’s novel “The Extraordinary Times of Ordinary People.” Secondly, I used a cliché: “judge a book by its cover.”