Anyone who ever wondered what the inside of a chicken looks like need not wonder any longer.

Take a gander at George, the skeletal chicken, who merges an anatomy lesson with a funky face and shape.

This cute critter is full of bones, crazy shapes and a fine aqua hue.

Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. George would be great hanging above your bed, as long as he doesn’t fall and poke your eye out.

Upcycled metal was once something else, although we are not sure what. Banged up texture for added charm.

Dog choke chain attached for easy hanging. Approx. 12 wide x 16 high.

George goes for a glorious $47, plus $15 shipping and handling.

WARNING: George has sharp edges not meant for kids or pets.

Rather have a smoothed out, fully feathered chicken? Custom orders welcome. E-mail