Recruitment is on for one of the most heroic jobs out there – but you must be cute, strong and willing to risk your life for total strangers.

These kids got the cute down pat/Ryn Gargulinski

These kids got the cute down pat/Ryn Gargulinski

Well, you don’t technically have to be cute – but you do have to pass a physical and be willing to put your life on the line when duty calls to apply for a position as a Northwest Fire District firefighter.

Candidates must be at least 18 years old; have a valid driver’s license and at least a high school diploma or GED; get certified in CPR and as an EMT and, of course, be willing to swoop into burning buildings in a single bound. Northwest is expecting to hire for at least 10 positions. See more details under “Firefighter Recruitment” at

Other ideal characteristics for a firefighter include a willingness to spend long nights away from home, having an adaptable sleep pattern and being a very good cook. My grandpa John was a Detroit fire chief who was known around town as the Kielbasa King.

Even in the crappiest of economies, certain occupations will continue to be in need.

Firefighters are definitely one of them. Others include funeral directors, doctors, garbage collectors and hair stylists. No matter how bad it gets, folks still want a good haircut.

A list from Money Magazine posted on includes a number of other careers that will never go out of style – and are even growing in demand. Thank goodness the list includes hydrologist:


Some jobs are not going up in smoke/Ryn Gargulinski

1. Financial adviser – 47% growth rate – $74,000 median income
2. Software program manager – 29% growth rate – $103,000 median income
3. Database administrator – 29% growth rate – $77,000 median income
4. Physical therapist – 27% growth rate – $67,000 median income
5. Physician’s assistant – 25% growth rate – $84,000 median income
6. Environmental specialist – 25% growth rate – $53,000 median income
7. Hydrologist – 24% growth rate – $59,600 median income
8. College professor – 23% growth rate – $79,000 median income
9. Certified public accountant – 18% growth rate – $64,000 median income
10. Teacher – 12% growth rate – $48,000 median income

If we analyze the list, it’s a very telling tale of our society.

We’re living longer and becoming unhealthier as we sit in front of computers all day – hence the need for medical positions and computer software and database experts.

We are also squirreling away our money instead of enjoying it, hence the financial advisors and accountants.

Teachers and professors are always a plus – we can chuck our children at them instead of raising them ourselves. We can also continue to rape the environment and wreak havoc on the water supply, since there will be a steady stream of environment specialists and hydrologists to clean up after us.

Writer Clare Kaufman also noted an ongoing and future need for high security corrections officers and sales associates, especially those in the pharmaceutical industry.

This means we can keep throwing people in prison and buying, buying, buying things – especially those prescription drugs that make it easier to ignore everything else.

Oh, yes, and we can also burn the house down. As long as our fire departments keeps those positions fully filled.



What do you think?

What other careers are always in demand? Is yours one of them?

What careers are going quickly out of style?