Move over Martha Stewart, when it comes to creative living even she could learn a thing or two from illegal aliens.

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We won’t be getting any tips on crafty place settings or dried flower arrangements, but we certainly get a few examples of inventive ways to survive.

Like one savvy illegal found living in a cave.

Mexican native Hiram Rendon-Rios, 23, made a veritable home out of a cave in Silverbell’s Sawtooth Mountains, according to a news release from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department.

Rios’ cave, nestled nicely near Wild Cat Peak, was not only stocked with food, but had a fine supply of clothing, communication equipment and binoculars.

No word on the cave’s decor or if it included any stick-figure paintings of buffalo or a bear skin rug.

Rios was first spotted by one of the area’s legal residents who was flying his private plane above the mountain range. Cave dwelling Rios was apprehended and sent back to Mexico in late July.

While deporting Rios may have cleared out the cave, at least temporarily, it did not clear out other illegals who seem to have mastered another creative art – burglary.

Thieves hit a gold mine when they targeted one area woman who lives alone near the base of the mountains.

She went to work as usual on Sept. 7 only to return home around 7 p.m. to find her home had been broken into and an array of valuable items gone.

Burglars took off with numerous rifles, pistols, a shotgun, batteries, night vision equipment, binoculars – and two mainstays of socks and food.

Lo and behold, they may have taken a cave tip from Rios, as evidence near the scene and surrounding area indicated several people hauled the stolen guns, equipment, food and socks into the Sawtooth Mountains – up near Wild Cat Peak.

Such creative survival, not surprisingly, does not sit too well with area residents. Some live in constant fear, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu noted, afraid to leave their homes as spotters watch their every move.

The best way to deal with such innovative methods of illegal alien survival, of course, is to employ equally innovative methods of capture. This way they can perhaps get a tip or two from Martha on what it’s like to end up in jail.

Illegal alien cave dweller Rios/submitted photo

NOTE: The Sawtooth Mountain range is one of several that grace Ironwood Forest National Monument, which is also being plagued by some reckless target shooters. Volunteer to help clean up the place Saturday, Sept. 25.


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