Texting has swept the world as the coolest form of communication. Or has it? We are still trying to figure out what’s so cool about communicating like this:

Photo Ryn Gargulinski

Photo Ryn Gargulinski


For those of us who have yet to secure a master’s degree in Internet lingo, this translates to: “Dude, believe it or not, I am sending a text message in traffic. That’s life in the big city. Think I give a s—?”

Perhaps not surprisingly, much of the lingo, as found on netlingo.com, contains swear words, crude sayings and phrases that involve copulation.

The 82 million folks who reportedly text regularly may not always be using their brains when it comes to when and where they text, either.

Texting while driving is about as smart as putting a plastic bag over your head and trying to breathe.

But it’s still legal in Arizona – for now.

The No Texting While Driving Act (SB 1334) passed with a unanimous 5 to 0 vote in the Senate Committee on Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Public Debt, according to a news release from AAA Arizona.

“Currently, 19 states and the District of Columbia have laws that address text messaging by all drivers,” the release adds. “Late last year, AAA announced that the Association will work to pass laws banning text messaging by drivers in all 50 states by 2013.”

While this is a major move forward, there is no guaranteeing Tucson drivers will heed the rule even if it’s made into Arizona law.

Photo Ryn Gargulinski

Photo Ryn Gargulinski

Driving under the influence is already illegal, but Tucson police stats say 843 motorists have been busted for it in the first six weeks of 2010. That’s roughly 20 per day.

Texting in the jury box has also caused some mayhem. Although jurors are specifically told they cannot talk about the trail while its ongoing, some have possibly assumed the rule either does not apply to them – or does not apply to texting, tweeting or e-mailing updates to folks on their address list.

A Pima County judge kicked one juror off the jury for texting during a trial, according to the State Bar of Arizona. Pennsylvania lawyers were going for a mistrial in one case involving a former state senator after a juror was caught posting up-to-the-minute trial updates on Twitter and Facebook.

At least the juror wasn’t texting.

While smashing your car into a lamppost and marring a trial are major dangers of texting, there are also some small annoyances.

Like using the phone keypad as a typewriter. Yes, we know any savvy 10-year-old can probably do it with his eyes closed. It’s still annoying to have to press a button three times just to get to the letter C. We’d hope perhaps the lingo would help make the typing a bit easier, but even the lingo contains plenty of letter C’s.

Texting is also irksome when folks do it in inappropriate social situations. There’s no better way to make our date – or any other company we’re in – feel like they are not worth our time if we ignore them to check and respond to our text messages.

While we are offending our in-person company, we must be careful not to offend our text message recipient if we send them an inappropriate message.

TOBAL (There oughta be a law).


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