The next time you feel like darting willy-nilly across the middle of the street on foot or on your bicycle, think again.

Oops/Ryn Gargulinski

Not only does such an action put you in danger of being mowed down by a street sweeper or mini-van, but you are now in increased peril of getting a ticket.

The Tucson Police Department is in the midst of a crackdown on violations involving bicyclists, pedestrians – and motorists who disobey rules related to the two, according to a news release from the department.

The crackdown started earlier this month and will be going on through the end of September. A grant is paying for this special enforcement deployment.

Time to cut out all that jaywalking.

It’s also time to note some of the most common violations pointed out by TPD.

Common driver violations:

Not yielding to pedestrians
Not giving bicyclists at least three feet of room while passing them
Not coming to a “complete stop” at red lights and stop sign

Not looking in both directions after stopping to make sure you don’t hit a bicyclist, pedestrian or other car

Watch for peds/Ryn Gargulinski

Common pedestrian violations:

Jaywalking, jaywalking, jaywalking – Tucson has all those jazzy crosswalks for a reason
Violations of Tucson City Code 20-92: Jaywalking currently carries a $161 fine (That’s one pair of shoes, maybe two)

Not waiting for WALK signals at intersections

Common bicyclist violations:

Riding on the sidewalk
Not following same rules that apply to motorists, including riding with traffic
Not giving “appropriate” hand signals for turning and stopping
Not stopping for red lights and stop signs
Not wearing a helmet if younger than 18
Not having at least a headlight and rear reflector for nighttime riding

Some of the finest moves we’ve witnessed:

Bicyclist riding against traffic along Oracle Road dragging a small dog by the leash while the dog careened dangerously into outer lane traffic

Bicyclists hogging the sidewalk, yelling at pedestrians who are using it, like our pal belligerent bike boy

Pedestrians bolting across the street in the middle of the night, “wearing dark clothing and not in a crosswalk”

flipping off or yelling at cars that refuse to stop for them when they dart out of nowhere in the middle of a car-packed street

have way too many stupid moves to list

2009 statistics from the TPD website:

Fatal accidents, motor vehicle vs pedestrian: 8
Fatal accidents, motor vehicle vs bicycle: 2
Personal injuries, motor vehicle vs. pedestrian: 225
Personal injuries, motor vehicle vs. bicycle: 221
Property damage, motor vehicle vs. pedestrian: 36
Property damage, motor vehicle vs. bicycle: 71
Bicycle accidents: 35

Sorry, no stats immediately available on jaywalking tickets – but we did find 115 reports of road rage.


Watch your step/Ryn Gargulinski

What do you think?

Have you ever gotten a ticket as a bicyclist or pedestrian?

What about as a motorist violating rules involving bicyclists or pedestrians?

What other stupid moves have you seen bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists make?