Some people run when they see me coming. Not necessarily because of my haircut or tattoos, but because of my press pass.

How some folks meet the press/Ryn Gargulinski

How some folks meet the press/Ryn Gargulinski

Many folks just don’t trust journalists. Some say they were misquoted, had their words twisted or saw that movie Shattered Glass, “based on a true story,” where one reporter simply made up more than half the stories he wrote.


There are always some wormy apples that mar the whole bushel. This is true with any profession, but moreso for those that made the Top 10 list of least trusted professions put together by

Journalists made No. 9.

Police officers made No. 10. The Tucson Police Department is full of many caring, dedicated and downright very cool people.

And then there’s Angel Montalvo. An officer since October 2006, Montalvo was immediately arrested and terminated when an investigation revealed he was tampering with police computers and giving out confidential information to his relatives.

Military fares well in the trust category/Ryn Gargulinski

Military fares well in the trust category/Ryn Gargulinski

We also have a recent example of a lying lawyer – a profession that hit the list at No. 4. Sometimes it’s not so bad to be a journalist.

Arizona attorney Alan N. Ariav was just slapped with a 1-year suspension, his second suspension in the last 12 months, according to a news release from the State Bar of Arizona.

His most recent infraction was lying – in court. Ariav said one of his clients settled a lawsuit for $80,000 and had paid it all off.

Lo and behold, the opposing counsel looked into this claim and found it was not true. Ariav reported himself to the State Bar of Arizona, received the suspension, has to pay $1,735 to cover the cost of his disciplinary proceedings and will have to reapply to practice law in the state.

On the flip side, fire fighters and post office employees were among the most trusted professions, according to another survey put together by the GfK Group, a market research organization.

Police officers seemed to have fared better than in the list. They were trusted by a hefty 73 percent of poll respondents. Journalists didn’t make the GfK list while politicians and lawyers remained near the bottom of the heap.

Top 10 least trusted professions – Jobboom

10. Police Officer
9. Journalist
8. Celebrities
7. Handymen (with sticky fingers)
6. Agent/Manager
5. Telemarketers
4. Lawyer
3. Mechanic
2. Politician
1. Used car salesman

Please note this list was compiled in 2007 – before the banking brouhaha that may have put bankers and financial advisors on the list.

10 professions and percentage of people who trust them – GfK Group

Profession/Percent of American people polled who trust this profession

Fire service – 93
Postal service – 85
Armed forces – 83
Teacher – 81
Doctors – 80
Police – 73
Law firms – 38
Advertising – 25
Management of conglomerates – 24
Politicians – 22

Good for you, fire fighters. And amazing that more folks trust the post office than their doctors.



What do you think?

Do you agree with these lists?

Have you had a very bad or good experience with any of these professions?

Are you in one of these professions and find you are unfairly portrayed?