When a kitchen knife didn’t work, one man pulled out a chainsaw to kill a dog – in front of his kids.

Hopefully this is similar to the dog killer's eventual surroundings/Art from Solar Culture, photo Ryn Gargulinski

That story and more are up this week on Rynski’s Shattered Reality radio show on Party934.com and FM 94.9 in Hudson Valley, N.Y.

Next show is Wednesday, Sept. 29 (today!) and every Wednesday online at Party934.com. Showtime is noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST.

Party 934 is a radio alternative for listeners sick of stations that play one song followed by 500 commercials.

Colors are this week’s musical theme and we have a kaleidoscopic collection of suggested songs along with our weekly polka fix.

Thanks, as always, to those who contributed suggestions.

Requests for future shows welcome; please leave them below.

What: Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show
When: Every Wednesday for one hour
Time: Noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST
Where: www.party934.com and FM 94.9 in Hudson Valley

CALL FOR SONGS – Those that mention PLACES – we’re looking for proper names, like Winchester Cathedral, Tucumcari, Alcatraz or any other of your favorite places. You name it, we’ll try to find and play it. Please leave suggestions below.

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Playlist for Rynski’s Shattered Reality 09/29:

Theme: Colors

The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black (Cerise and Deb, both in AZ, Linda in UK)

Donovan – Mellow Yellow (Kathy in mystery locale, funky Facebooker Tucson Enema)

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog (Radmx in AZ)

Loitma – Leva’s Polka (polka always for parents)

UB40 – Red, Red Wine (Leslie in TX)

The Last Poets – Black Thighs (for heck of it)

The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (for making up for previous tune)

Skyrider – Baby Blues (for all horror movie fans everywhere)

AC/DC – Back In Black (Cerise and Rosemary, both in AZ)

Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl (Wilhelmina in AZ, Marcia in MI)

Donovan – Colours (for the hot pink cat in Furry Friends File)

Robert Johnson – Love in Vain, blue light and red light (Benn in Washington)

Sgt. Barry Sadler – Ballad of Green Berets (Charles in mystery locale)

Carly Simon – You’re so Vain, apricot scarf (Mary Jane in NYC)

Nena – 99 Luftballoons (Beezel)

What’s your favorite color (maybe it will show up in our song selection)?

Your favorite place to be?