Never mind the budget, the drug trafficking or the illegal immigrants. Arizona is facing a much bigger problem:

We don’t have a State Horse.

Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Arizona has a State Bird, a State Fossil and even official State Neckwear. The two-tailed swallowtail is our official State Butterfly. But where’s our horse?

Country singer Rex Allen Jr. is galloping forward for the cause. He jumped on the House Bill 2634 bandwagon, already sponsored by no fewer than 12 Arizona lawmakers, to designate the Colonial Spanish Horse as the State Horse of Arizona.

Whew. Now we may make some progress in the State Horse arena.

“When it comes to the settlement of the Great American West, there is no animal more important than the horse,” Allen said in a news release promoting the project. “Without the horse the settlement of Arizona could not have happened.”

We’re inclined to agree, although we did hear that camels once carted things across the state.

A native of Willcox, Allen does seem to have authority on what our Grand Canyon State may need. He even wrote the state song – or at least one of them. He penned “Arizona,” which repeats the lines: “I love you, Arizona,” “Oo, Arizona,” and was chosen as the backup state anthem in 1982.

A glance at our list of notable state designations does seem to have certain categories that are lacking.

State Motto: Ditat Deus – God Enriches
State Nickname: Grand Canyon State
State Songs: “Arizona March Song” and “Arizona”
State Flower: blossom of the saguaro cactus
State Gem: turquoise
Official neckwear: bola tie
State Tree: Palo Verde – “green stick”
State Bird: cactus wren
State Butterfly: two-tailed swallowtail
State Fossil: petrified wood
State Mammal: ringtail
State Reptile: Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake
State Fish: Apache trout
State Amphibian: Arizona tree frog
Official colors: blue and gold

In addition to needing the Colonial Spanish Horse as our State Horse, we are desperately in need of an official State Spider, a State Scavenger and a designated State Firearm.


wb-logolilWhat do you think?

Should the Colonial Spanish Horse be named our State Horse?

What other categories does Arizona need?

Are you a Rex Allen Jr. fan?