Due to a nasty computer virus that manifests itself as a file called Win HDD, there will be no radio show this week.

The Win HDD virus kind of looks like this nasty fish/Illustration Ryn Gargulinski

Boo hiss.

Rynski’s Shattered Reality radio show will return next Wednesday, Dec. 15, at its usual slot of 1 p.m. in Arizona/3 p.m. EST on Party934.

The demonic Win HDD did more than eat my homework, actually, but ate my entire system, freezing it into a useless hunk of hardware.

For some mysterious reason, this virus lets only one thing function on any computer it seizes: a window that opens up to a payment page. Here you are asked to blindly enter your name, credit card number and other vital information to purchase an equally mysterious program that promises to fix your computer for only $79.95.

My solution was transferring the infected computer into a foot rest and getting  a new one that still needs the proper pass codes, settings and microphone adjustments before I can go back on the air.

As it stands, my microphone sounds like I’m talking out of a tin can.

On that note, please tune in next week for the next installment of Rynski’s Shattered Reality.

NUMBERS is still our musical theme, and we’ve got a numerous numerical requests that add up to a great selection.

Until then, be strong, be cool – and don’t pay $79.95 to a virus payment page.

What do you think?

What nasty computer viruses have you encountered?

Did you turn your computer into a foot rest?