America is one fat cat – and that’s not a compliment. While it’s somewhat amazing to read the stats on how many folks are overweight or obese – 67 percent – it’s not surprising.

Ryn Gargulinski

Photo Ryn Gargulinski

A recent dinner at Village Inn easily illustrated the point. In addition to the massive Free Pie Every Wednesday signs, this “traditional American” diner served up fare that couldn’t be healthy if it tried.

I did try. Scrambled eggs on a pita. Sure, the eggs are going to be whipped up on a greasy grill, but I could offset that a bit. I told them to hold the bacon the sandwich normally came with and substitute fresh fruit for the side of hash browns. But I still got stuck with 9 million calories. As if eggs are not gooey enough, the pita came slathered in butter.

Buttered popcorn. Buttered toast. Buttered everything is one major American downfall. Half the time it’s not even real butter but some oily, florescent yellow substitute. I’m still having nightmares about that oozing pita sandwich.

Photo Ryn Gargulinski

Photo Ryn Gargulinski

I also just received an e-mail invite for Friday dinner. “Golden Corral? All-you-can-stuff-in-your-face fried food buffet?”

That’s the way America eats.

The second half of the equation is the national pastime. Never mind baseball – that no longer rates. Nothing is more American that watching TV.

Some may even consider it a recreational activity.

The average American watches more than four hours of TV daily, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co.

That means we are at work for eight hours, asleep for another eight and watching TV for four. That’s 20 hours accounted for. The remaining four hours are most likely spent eating free pie and butter.

So what’s the answer? Switch off the TV and go take a walk. Remember an empty stomach is the size of your fist – that’s it, your fist. And hold the butter.


wb-logolilWhat do you think?

Does it irritate you that it’s tough to get a healthy meal at the average diner?

Is your world slathered in butter?