We like Tucson for lots of reasons. These include the searing heat, the scary rattlesnakes and the sweet little lizards that scamper across our patios.

We also dig all the funky stuff that’s all over town.

One of our favorites is the giant Paul Bunyan, who has frequently been the culprit behind many Tucson cop pranks.
Rookies are told there’s a dangerous dude on the corner of North Stone Avenue and East Glenn Street. He’s big. He’s scary. He’s got an ax.

He may be a madman.

The new officers show up, ready to rumble, only to find the gargantuan statue looming at the intersection. (Some still don’t realize it’s a prank and sit in their patrol cars scanning the streets.)
Other funky Tucson stuff includes:

• Cool melted, melded, welded and weird garbage cans that line Fourth Avenue

• A giant pink rhino atop a tire service shop on South Palo Verde Road

• Tiki head tiki head tiki head and all those other wonderful works of art from Magic Carpet Golf now at area homes and businesses


More are:


• A child in Mansfield Park that looks like his face was blown off by an atomic bomb


• Increasingly creative car and truck crashes


• Mailboxes with guns on top. Bet the mail carrier appreciates this one.

Do you know of any funky, funny or somewhat strange stuff around town? E-mail a photo and/or description to rynski@tucsoncitizen.com.

I will not research why it’s there or where it came from, but I will come up with several humorous theories.