This fun Odd Pueblo feature asks the audience to rate a trend, topic or sighting of something around town: is it snappy or crappy?

The last snappy or crappy, kids on leashes, was nearly tied, pun not intended. Thirty-nine percent said snappy while 33 percent said crappy. Twenty-two percent said snap/crap and 3 percent of the most doting parents said they weren’t sure and had to ask their kids.

Let’s rev into one of our favorite subjects: decorated autos.

Decked out auto/Photo Andrew Farley

Decked out auto/Photo submitted by Andrew Farley

This gussied up truck is decked out with bottle caps, wine corks and stickers, according to reader and Far-log creator Andrew Farley who sent in the photos.

Back of decked out auto/Photo Andrew Farley

Back of decked out auto/Photo Andrew Farley

When I asked if it were his truck, Farley was quick to respond, “Heck, no!”

Guess it’s getting a crappy vote on his end.

Snappy for sure on my end. I am a big fan of decorated autos, as evidenced by my own RynMobile and my snappy vote on other decked out vehicles we’ve featured.

We had the hippie happy VW bus and the funkified – and some said junkified – bugged out VW bug.

The gussied up truck even helps the environment by recycling wine corks and bottle caps. We’re sick of stepping on the bottle caps that litter the streets, so way to go, gussied up truck.

Besides, we really like the skull theme that’s peppered throughout the design and featured on both the hood and rear spare tire cover. The gussied up truck is a work of art for sure.

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