Oliver owl is waiting to grace the front door of your business – or even your home bathroom – with a dandy announcement if the thing is open or closed.

A fully awake owl with OPEN is one side of Oliver’s tableau while the other is a sleepy owl proclaiming CLOSED.

No more knocking at the door or stupid questions – the open or closed becomes apparent under Oliver’s watchful gaze.

Black chain compliments darker Oliver hues, with the brighter green OPEN contrasted with the sleepy snoozy brown CLOSED.

Oliver owl sign measures approx. 8.5 wide x 8 high with an additional 5 inches or so for the chain at top.

Fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. Finished metal and bent edges for safety. Let Oliver guard your doorway today.

Oliver Owl goes for $51, plus $9 shipping and handling in U.S.

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Custom orders always welcome. E-mail details to ryngargulinski@hotmail.com.