Mt Lemmon bear/Ryn Gargulinski

Parents have a natural instinct to protect their children.

Mama bears will maim – or even kill – anyone who nears their cubs.

And a Tucson dad reportedly stabbed two men after he heard one of them sexually assaulted his daughter, according to an announcement from the Tucson Police Department.

While mama bears usually don’t end up in jail, Tucson dad Alejandro Ruiz, 36, was arrested after the June 5 stabbing of two men.

Alejandro Ruiz/TPD photo

Alejandro Ruiz/TPD photo

Ruiz reportedly heard his 16-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by “an adult male” while she was at a June 4 gathering at the guy’s house on West District Street, near South Sixth Avenue.

So Ruiz allegedly breaks into the guy’s house the next morning, stabbing both the 25-year-old guy and the guy’s 41-year-old uncle.

Both the sexual assault suspect and his uncle survived the stabbings, and Ruiz was quickly picked up by cops after he fled the scene.

Ruiz now faces charges of two counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault with serious physical injury as well as one count of first-degree burglary. We’re guessing the latter is for breaking in the guy’s house.

Taking the law into our own hands is not really recommended. The justice system is supposed to take care of that. But rage, revenge and a parent’s natural instinct to protect his children are apt to override such recommendations.

And we still have to ask one question – Was it worth it?

Perhaps the visceral act of plunging a “dangerous weapon” into someone who hurt your child outweighs the lawful course of action, which doesn’t always guarantee the proverbial justice will be done. Perhaps avenging a wrong done to your child is worth any prison time.

Daniel M. Renteria/TPD photo

Daniel M. Renteria/TPD photo

A similar situation went down in March, when a Tucson dad Daniel Renteria, 27, reportedly shot and killed Richard Rue Jr., 40, and James J. Marschinke, 49, while the two were sitting in their front yard in the 5300 block of East 25th Street.

Marschinke is accused of sexually molesting Renteria’s 3-year-old son.

So far Renteria has been indicted for two counts of manslaughter, rather than first-degree murder, according to a report in the Arizona Daily Star, after grand jurors heard about the molestation accusations.

Sounds like these jurors agree that parents who take the law into their own hands to protect their children should get a bit of leeway.



What do you think?

How far would you go to protect your children?

Would you kill or stab someone who molested them?

Would you let the justice system handle it?

Do these dads deserve jail time – or applause?