Thank you! readers who sent in photos of your tattoos. They are as beautiful as you are – and make for a nifty slide show, as evidenced below.

Jennatoolz's card suits,           designed by her best friend Ross/submitted photo

Jennatoolz's card suits, designed by her best friend Ross/submitted photo

Contributors include:

* Self-proclaimed text message junkie Jennatoolz – her two tattoos include one of her former goldfish, Buzzkill, started by a boyfriend and then fixed by Andre from State of Art Tattoo; a playing card tattoo down her left side, designed by best friend Ross and installed by Adrian Rodriguez at Unlimited Ink. When I showed Ross the finished product, his exact words were, “Oh Jenna, that is, like, the biggest form of flattery I’ve ever received!”

* Pet lover and hilarious story teller AZMouse (aka Dianne), who sent in pix of her daughter Sara‘s tats. AZMouse says Sarah has about 10 tattoos all told, and her musical notes were actually a cover up for something else. Good cover!

* A man named Travis Reed who works at a local insulation company, sent in by loyal reader RadMax. Travis’s only comments were: “James, Adrenaline Tattoo.”

* Joey Flowers, another man who works with RadMax with a few tats that include his daughters and Marilyn Monroe.

* E.E. Farley sent by loyal reader A. Farley – who is being left dad’s tattoo in the will, by the way. E.E. Farley’s tat is from WWII and depicts “a petite woman with a nice hat” in front of a ship’s anchor and the initials U.S.N. for U.S. Navy. Dad was one that set up the older ships in the Bikini Atoll Atom Bomb tests. If I ever get one it would have to be exactly like Dad’s. Kind of like a Sailor Jerry Tattoo.

* A photo of the tattoo on Editor Mark Evans. Yes, this man who seems like he’d be one of the last people in the solar system to have a tattoo actually has one. He got the fish on his ankle after peer pressure and beer pressure with four other guys that got the same ones during his college days.

* Two Rynski tattoo pix – One is a dragon on my foot in the shape of a number five and installed by my fave tattoo artist, Michelangelo in Brooklyn. The other is a snap of my left leg, installed by a guy named Chris in Clovis, N.M. I designed the dragon on my foot and four out of the five dragons on my leg. I don’t know why I love dragons so much when I was born in the year of the dog.




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Stars for Sarah/submitted photo

Stars for Sara/submitted photo

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