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Marketing Tactics for a Crazy Car

Marketing Tactics for a Crazy Car

Every time I think of my old decked-out car, I think of George. No, George was not a mechanic at the local garage. He was a business advisor at Tucson SCORE. And my car wasn’t decked out to go 800 miles an hour—or I would have surely speeded my way out of my driver’s...

World Safety 101 (poem)

World Safety 101 (poem)

  Gotta ban guns. Gotta ban knives. Gotta ban sticks. They all take lives. Gotta ban bats. Gotta ban rocks. Gotta ban lasers and tasers that shock.   Gotta ban pepper spray. Gotta ban stones. They go with the sticks and break all your bones. Gotta ban...

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Just like you can never have too much love, pizza or inner peace, you can never have too many fun blogs to read. Check out the Rynski blog at the Rynski Coaching Club site. 
And yeah, maybe you can have too much pizza.

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