Kick of orange/Ryn Gargulinski

Kick of orange/Ryn Gargulinski

Flora, fauna and fuzzy lavender thistle are just a few of the joys of Sabino Canyon in the spring.

A recent saunter through the canyon on horseback was truly a wonderland.

In addition to the blooming beauty, we spied all types of wildlife that included a deer, Gila monster, tortoise, dead coyote and a cranky mean lady. Don’t fret – the latter two are not included in the pictures.

The rattlesnake we saw is not pictured, either, as it would be somewhat dumb to stick a camera in a venomous critter’s face.

Enjoy the A to Z slide show that gives you more than 26 reasons to take a trek to Sabino right now.

Please note: K photo appears above. It was left out of the slide show and if you edit the slide show too much it becomes temperamental and erases all the photos.



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