When it comes to same sex marriages, finding suitable presents for the groom and groom or the bride and bride can be a bit of a challenge.

Enter the Same Sex Wedding Lucky Voodoo Dolls.

NOTE: Voodoo Dolls are LUCKY. No black magic and no evil intent. All for good fortune and fun.

While I’ve been making bride and groom Lucky Voodoo Dolls for several years – one even with a pregnant bride – the same sex wedding doll idea was one of those eureka moments that fills a giant void in the wedding gift registry.

I’d like to say the idea came to me in a dream – but I’d be lying.

The idea instead came from an order across the country from a woman whose son and his partner enjoyed a civil ceremony in October.

Mom gave me a bit of insight into the two grooms: their passions, their favorite colors, their jobs, the fact that they both wore glasses.

Voila – the happy groom and groom were born.

Dolls measure approx. 12 inches high and created with recycled fabrics, gems, hardware parts and other items. Heads are lightweight Model Magic clay. Body frames from sticks lovingly culled from the Rillito River wash in Tucson. Sticks used to come from the yard of a Brooklyn church but I moved.

Dolls are fully customized and shipped priority mail one week after order is confirmed.

Customized bride and groom Lucky Voodoo Dolls also available. Photo of bride and groom included in line-up of groom and groom photos to give you idea of bride dolls. Photos serve as a general example and not the dolls you will get. You customize your order.

Marriage couple dolls go for $110 per pair, with $15 shipping and handling in the U.S.

E-mail your lucky couple details to ryngargulinski@hotmail.com.

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