Tucson and drug smugglers may go hand in hand, although the smugglers are not usually 80-year-old women smuggling drugs for their drug addicted sons.

Such was the case in Austria, where an octogenarian was arrested with narcotics worth more than $11,000 in her possession. And that was just that’s day’s haul. She is accused of smuggling activity dating back to 2008.

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This week features with part two of our EARTH theme songs, which offer a firm foundation for one heck of a show.

Thanks! to all who keep the song requests coming.

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Playlist for Rynski’s Shattered Reality 07/06:
Theme: Elements – Earth, Part 2 of 2

Cream – Sitting on Top of the World (CB LeGrand in AZ)
Peter Schilling – Major Tom (Coming Home) (Anna in NY)
Pink Floyd – Goodbye Cruel World
The Doors – Land Ho! (Radmax in AZ)
Sparks – Equator (Mary Jane in NY)
Gospel Choir of the Cascades – He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (Linda in NM)
The Guess Who – Share the Land (Beezel)
Primus – Welcome to this World (Phoebe in AZ)
Michael Jackson – Heal the World (Denise in AZ)
The Rolling Stones – Salt Of The Earth (Deb in AZ)
Willie Nile – Whole World with You
The Rolling Stones – In Another Land (Deb in AZ)
B.B. King, Gloria Estefan – There Must be a Better World Somewhere

Call for songs: We continue our rambunctious ramble through the elements with songs about WATER. This includes oceans, lakes, thunderstorms, acid rain and all other liquid-earthy stuff. Got any?