Folks feasting on Big Macs got free dinner entertainment when two Australian dudes decided to wrestle a 5-foot python in an area McDonald’s parking lot. Their antics got them busted – but not for reasons you may think.

Re-enactment of McDonald's snake wrestling/Thinkstock

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In addition to our snaky and fiery stories, this week’s musical line-up includes our weekly polka fix and, by popular demand, more songs that mention modes of transportation. Can’t let a transportation show go by without Moonlight Drive by The Doors, after all.

Thanks!, as always, to those who suggested songs.

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What: Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show
: Every Wednesday for one hour
Time: Noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST
Where: and FM 94.9 in Hudson Valley

CALL FOR SONGS – Those that mention breakups – sad, empowering or just plain over – you name, it, we’ll try to find and play it. Please leave suggestions below.

UPDATE with playlist and download

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Playlist for Rynski’s Shattered Reality 09/15:

ZZ Top – Waiting for the Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago (Beezel)

The Young Rascals – Mustang Sally (Leslie in MI)

Prince – Little Red Corvette (Marlowe in MI)

Madness – Clerkenwell Polka (polka always for parents)

The Doors – Moonlight Drive (Marlowe in MI)

Peter, Paul and Mary – Leaving on a Jet Plane (Wilhelmina in AZ, Kathy in mystery location)

The Boxtops – The Letter (David in AZ)

Cat Stevens – Peace Train (Marcia in MI)

Pink Floyd – Bike (for the heck of it)

The Who – Magic Bus (Bobo and Pierre in AZ)

George Thorogood and the Destroyers – Gear Jammer (Radmax in AZ)

The Rolling Stones – Brand New Car (Deb in AZ)

Humbe Pie – Roadrunner (Tom in AZ)

What do you think?

Have you ever siphoned gas?

Wrestled a snake? Seen weird things in a McDonald’s parking lot?