A Glendale woman is the latest victim of super glue, that incredibly sticky substance strong enough to stick a man by his hardhat to a construction beam and cement fingers together with a single drop.

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But Irmgard Holm, no age revealed, went one better than sticking her fingers together, AP reports.

She squirted super glue into her eye.

Holm, who underwent cataract surgery last year, grabbed for a bottle of one of her several eye-drop medications – or at least what she thought was one of her medications – and dabbled some in her eye.

She knew she grabbed wrong when her eye started to burn.

She tried washing the glue out of her eye with water, but found her eye sealed shut.

A trip to the hospital fixed the faux pas, with staff cutting off the hardened glue followed by an eyewash by docs.

Moral of the story: Don’t store super glue near your eye drops, especially if the bottles look the same.

Super glue can also pose a health hazard if you happen to get some in your ear.

Ben Ferrett, then 26, found this out when he passed out at a party and other party goers decided to play a sticky prank on him, Australia’s Courier Mail reported in 2009.

The prank started with one guest squirting super glue down the back of Ferrett’s pants, in the hopes of sticking his butt cheeks together.

The prank continued when another guest tried to stick Ferrett’s hand to his face.

The prank became wholly hazardous when guest Ryan Liam Upton, then 27, poured super glue into Ferrett’s right ear canal.

A trip to the hospital and $6,000 later, Ferrett was left with permanent damage to his ear in the form of a partial hearing loss.

Upton pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm and reimbursed Ferrett for his medical expenses. Upton was sentenced to 18 months in jail but the entire sentence was suspended.

Moral of the story: Don’t get drunk and pass out around a bunch of idiots.


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