Throw out those myths about “little old ladies” and “little old men” content doing nothing other than sitting around crocheting toilet paper covers and playing checkers.

Tucson author Eula Slauson/submitted photo

Tucson author Eula Slauson/submitted photo

Tucson grandma Eula Slauson proves growing older doesn’t mean growing stale – and romance never grows old.

Although the feisty femme is over 70, she recently penned two sizzling yet humorous romance novels and a book of poignant poetry. And she’s nowhere near finished yet.

Her first romance novel, “Love at First Flight, ” is the story of two Tucson real estate brokers – a man and woman, of course – who accidentally get stuck sharing a hotel room at an out-of-town convention.

Her second novel, “Seeds of Passion,” portrays a small town romance during the 1950s and 60s.

Her “Memoirs of a Woman: A Portrait in Poetry” includes poems “inspired by a lifetime of emotions in the Catskill Mountains,” some of which have received the International Library of Poetry’s Editor Choice awards.

A write-up in The Roxbury says Saluson has “taken the vulgarity out of love stories and replaced it with a tender touch of humor.”

Tucson author Eula Slauson at UA book signing/photo courtesy author website

Tucson author Eula Slauson at UA book signing/photo courtesy author website

Definitely needed more details on that one.

“I started to type the word ‘Johnson” in reference to the bulge in Harley’s jeans,” she said, “then I thought, ‘NO, I am sick and tired of reading about men’s Johnsons and the vulgar names used for women.’”

So Slauson created “Miss Kitty” and “Jolly Roger” – and if you want to learn more about those two you’ll just have to pick up a copy of “Love at First Flight.”

The only critics so far have been her grandchildren. She has four adult grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, the latter being too young for the romance novels.

“My grandchildren were shocked when they read ‘Love at First Flight.’ They didn’t seem to want to believe that people never stop thinking or feeling until they are dead,” Slauson said.

“There is no cutoff date where people are supposed to stop thinking about love, romance, sex or lust. They need to take a trip to a senior facility and see the gleam in an old man’s eye who is in his 90s and looking at a new lady just being admitted who is probably nearly as old as he is.

“Unless we get what my father used to refer to laughing at 94, a disease he called ‘Oldtimers,’ our minds stay the same as when we were 20, 30 or older.”

Love at First Flight, Slauson's first romance novel/submitted image

Love at First Flight, Slauson's first romance novel

Not only is she a gifted writer with a grand sense of humor, but she is also not afraid to be herself.

“I don’t believe in normal. I believe in just being one’s self is right if it’s right for you. I admire those who dare to break the mold and don’t even realize they are doing it.”

Divorced twice, she’s had her own share of romances – and love – and can tell us about the difference.

Seeds of Passion, Slauson's second romance novel/submitted image

Seeds of Passion, Slauson's second romance novel

“Romance is a state of mind, love is a state of the heart,” she explained. “Romance is usually inspired by lust whereas love is inspired by friendship.”

Her second marriage, especially, gave her a large dose of both romance and love – shattered by shots of reality. The two were married just three months after they met.

“That lasted 15 years and the romance was always there. Unfortunately, so was the alcohol.”

But Slauson won’t let anything jade her romantic mind, heart and spirit.

“(I’ve been) burned twice and now go into friendships with the rose colored glasses buried under two divorces,” she said. “But romance is everywhere if you want it to be. I’m still a romantic at heart and I believe most people are no matter how many times they get disillusioned.”

Although she’s only dated one person since she moved to Tucson 13 years ago, Slauson rates Tucson as a great place to date.

“I think it’s all the warm weather and ability to go and do whatever you want, whenever you want with whomever you want….It’s a very spontaneous lifestyle.”

Memoirs of a Woman, Slauson's book of poetry/submitted image

Memoirs of a Woman, Slauson's book of poetry

She also rates growing older as a wonderful experience – her 2005 retirement finally gave her time to pursue her literary career – as long as folks stay active.

“I believe the secret (to growing older) is to exercise the mind and imagination the same as the rest of our bodies.

“I enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset, the smell of flowers and enjoy nothing more than to see two elderly people holding hands as they stroll along a pathway lined with trees or two young people looking into each other’s eyes with all the emotions of their soul showing.”

And even her grandkids are coming around.

“My grandchildren may act shocked at what I write,” she said, “but they still tell their friends, ‘That’s my grandma.’”

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P.S. Fellows, she’s single!

Relationship advice from Tucson romance writer Eula Slauson:

If you meet one person in your life that includes friendship, romance and lust then stop looking.


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